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Safeguard your data with SCIP ® Protect – An innovative solution designed to go beyond basic backup and disaster recovery

Cut cyber protection costs by up to 50%

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why SCIP ® Protect?

Best-in-class Cyber protection In A Unique Per GB Model

Backup and cyber protection are more important than ever. As a Managed Service Provider it’s paramount to always have the best protection against malware, viruses and cyber attacks in place. That’s where we come in. SCIP ® Protect offers the best-in class cyber protection solution in a unique per GB model which allows you to have the best protection out there at a fair price.

Attractive for any MSP

The SCIP ® Protect service goes beyond backup and disaster recovery. We offer flexible backup and cyber protection on multiple sites in Belgium and The Netherlands. Our Per GB model is attractive for any MSP whose end-users have a mix of workloads.

Acronis Authorized Partner

In order to provide the best possible protection, we teamed up with Acronis, together we focus on four major elements: backup, restore, endpoint protection and data protection. It’s a unique partnership which allows you to send your backups to our SCIP ® Cloud S3 storage. Thanks to our per GB model, there are no additional or hidden costs.

The Per GB model Protection




Advanced packs per workload

Advanced backup

Advanced email security

Advanced security

Advanced management

Our Fixed Pricing

We offer a simple fixed price for backup and standard cyber protection so the basics are always in place.
You can choose to add advanced packs for customers who are in need of special support for certain workloads.

  • Backups per GB € 0,12

    One simple price for backups and standard cyber protection

These advanced packs are optional and charged per workload:

Advanced Backup

  • Server €14,00
  • Virtual Machine €6,00
  • Workstation €1,60
  • Hosting Server €1,60
  • Advanced Management €2,40
  • Advanced Security €1,60
  • Advanced Email Security (Perception point) €3,40

* All prices listed are exclusive of VAT and subject to change by Barsatie Enterprise

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