SCIP® Protect

Secure Your Business with Unparalleled Safety

In today’s digital age, backup and cybersecurity are more critical than ever. As an MSP, you naturally want the best protection against malware, viruses, and cyberattacks. We’re here to assist! SCIP® Protect delivers a class-leading cyber protection solution. With SCIP® Protect, you receive the ultimate safeguard at a fair price per gigabyte.

Single console, single license, single agent

Integration driving extensive automation

Cost consolidation from vendors

Diminish risks with 100% client workload coverage

Unique capabilities unmatched by your current provider

Leader in independent testing

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Elevate your data protection with SCIP® Protect An inventive solution that goes beyond the basic backup and disaster recovery!

Try it free for 30 days and slash up to 50% off your cybersecurity costs!

Why SCIP® Protect?

Top-tier cybersecurity at the best price per gigabyte

Appealing to Every MSP

SCIP® Protect extends beyond backup and disaster recovery. SCIP® Protect offers flexible backup and cybersecurity across various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

You only pay for the gigabytes you actually use. This is particularly appealing if you serve clients with diverse operations.

Acronis Authorized Partner

To deliver the best protection possible, we’ve partnered with Acronis. Together, we focus on four key elements: backup, restore, endpoint protection, and data protection.

It’s a unique partnership that allows you to send your backups to one of the 52 datacenters of Acronis world wide.

By using SCIP® Protect, your data will be securely stored in the Datacenter of Acronis located in Frankfurt (Germany).


Only pay for what you actually use





Advanced packages per workload

Advanced Backup

Advanced Email Security

Advanced Security

Advanced Management

Our fixed pricing

We offer a simple fixed price for backup and standard cybersecurity, ensuring the basics are always covered.

Need more? You can opt for additional advanced packages, specifically for clients needing special support for certain workloads.

  • Backups Per GB € 0,12

    One simple price for backups and standard cyber protection

Advanced Backup

A single straightforward price for backups and standard cybersecurity These advanced packages are optional and charged per workload.

  • Server € 14,00
  • Virtual Machine € 6,00
  • Workstation € 1,60
  • Hosting Server € 1,60
  • Advanced Management € 2,40
  • Advanced Security € 1,60
  • Advanced Email Security (Perception Point) € 3,40

* All prices listed are exclusive of VAT and subject to change by Barsatie Enterprise